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Mother Who Has Shared Her Love with 17 Children Offers Advice, Stories to Inspire

Tuesday, June 18, 2013 @ 01:06 PM
Author: Karen Hood

Karen Jean Matsko Hood, author of numerous cookbooks, children’s stories, and poetry books, shares the lessons learned from a lifetime of managing a unique family.

No one knows more about families than Mom. And after being the mother of seventeen children, no one has learned more about families than author Karen Jean Matsko Hood. Putting her wisdom to paper, Hood has written numerous books for Whispering Pine Press International, and now through the power of the Internet and online sellers like, these books are available to everyone.

“Each of my seventeen children has taught me something special and how to be someone special. The lessons I’ve learned and the love I’ve felt has been too much of a gift to keep to myself, so I’ve done my best to write out our experiences,” said Hood. “I hope that my books can help mothers and fathers with their own families in their daily responsibilities.”

Caring for a family can mean preparing new and exciting dishes using healthy ingredients like apples, strawberries, or rhubarb. Hood has written books for all of those and more. A family will want other special recipes for memorable holidays like Thanksgiving or a spo-o-o-oky Halloween that’s still fun for all ages. Hood has shared the holidays with so many she’s loved that she’s been able to write those books as well.

Perhaps a mother or father wants to find a good bedtime story that isn’t tied into some over-marketed toy or over-publicized cartoon. Hood has a well-tested tale.

Hood’s “Goodnight, I Wish You Goodnight” follows a child as he says good night to all the treasures in his room. The child finds comfort knowing the happy trolley and cuddly teddy bear are going to sleep too and will be there tomorrow. Charming anime-style illustrations by Hiroshi Hatakeyama endear the sleepy little boy to young readers.

“In our house and in almost every house around the world, parents prepare children for bed by telling stories,” said Hood. “Sharing ‘Goodnight, I Wish You Goodnight’ as a family makes the bedtime ritual a warm, loving, and soothing experience for all.”

Hood’s collection of valuable books isn’t just for a family’s children or the kitchen. Some will find their place on a parent’s nightstand where it’s easy to go back and reread one of her poems or a selection from “Morning Reflections,” which includes Hood’s poetry as well as Bible verses and prayers.

Reading any of these books will convince any reader that Hood has a unique voice for those who know that nothing is more important than raising a family. In Hood, those with similar values will not only find a friend but one who will generously share all the secrets that can be learned from opening one’s heart again and again to a child.

A complete catalog of Hood’s children’s books, poetry and cookbooks is available at She is available for appearances and interviews. For booking presentations, interviews and media appearances contact OR call 509-928-8700.


About Karen Jean Matsko Hood

A woman of many talents and interests, Karen Jean Matsko Hood is the author of numerous cookbooks, volumes of poetry, and children’s books. Hood lives in Greenacres, Washington with her husband and their 17 children, and is pursuing a doctoral degree in Leadership Studies at Gonzaga University. Learn more at

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